… is a 3D scene of a Subway Station. Placed right in the center, there is a Vending Machine containing not Soda Cans or Chocolate Bars but female bodies. Especially in times of Corona, the numbers of violence, sexual assault and femicide are rising in Austria. In some Industries as well as our daily life, women are often seen as exchangeable objects. There will always be someone who’s prettier or younger! Luckily there’s people like Eva Klotz, the creator of this scene and the Video shown at the bottom.
In this project, I was responsible for the music. Inspired by the song „We belong together” by Ritchie Valens and similar music from this time period, I produced Instrumentals and Vocals myself. The lyrics should be like a Mantra - sort of like a hypnosis or manipulation of the listener. The track was then edited in a way, that the music is often interrupted by glitches and noise, that fit the glitches in the Video. Suddenly the hypnosis stops working.
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