My name is Adelheid and I study Multimedia Art – Audio at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. My passion for creating Music and Sound comes from a long journey of playing and singing all sorts of different music genres and instruments myself. I was always fascinated by the fact, that music can be explained so mathematically on the one side and has the power to trigger all sorts of emotions and moods on the other. I often think of Sound as different textures – sometimes it’s so fragile, I’m afraid to break it and sometimes it feels like a big ocean wave, that could sweep me off my feet with ease.
The works shown in this Portfolio are a mixture of Game Projects, short films and Music Tracks. I currently focus a lot on Sound Design for Games, which for me is the perfect mixture of creative and technical work. For the future I would love to keep this balance between different tasks, because that’s the best way to learn new things and stay flexible in my work.
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