… is an animated short film that explores the pressures and judgments associated with personal appearance. The story follows a young woman preparing for a party, faced with the dilemma of choosing the "right" outfit. She doesn’t seem to find something she feels comfortable in. Unexpectedly, she gets pulled into her own wardrobe and finds herself in a surreal realm where her fears and insecurities materialize. Inside the wardrobe, she encounters symbolic representations of judgment, sexual harassment, and shame. The three talented artists, who created and animated the film are Eva Klotz, Lisa Lamprecht and Christina Zwinger.
In this project, I was responsible for Sound Design and Music of the film. The Sound Design was held rather realistic and diegetic in the first part and transitioned to an surreal and partly non-diegetic Sound Design. Especially the “Catcalling” that is heard when the young woman falls off the building was a challenge for me. The Music goes hand in hand with the story. The first track should represent an 80s party song, to get oneself in the right mood when getting ready. As her self-doubts get very present, the Track fades out and is replaced by a more eerie/electronic Soundtrack. As soon as the Scene changes back to the womans bedroom, all we hear is “silence”. ​​​​​​​
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