… is a short film that explores the concealed dark side of everyday products, masked behind clever marketing and vibrant labels. It revolves around the central theme of personal choice - whether to face the uncomfortable truth or turn a blind eye. In the film, we follow the main character as he orders a coffee, symbolising an act of daily life. As he’s briefly confronted by the unsettling reality behind the product, a moment of truth dawns upon him. However, he consciously decides to ignore it, succumbing to the allure of ignorance and convenience. The film subtly challenges the viewers to reflect on their behaviour and decisions when confronted with uncomfortable truths. The 3D artists behind this sophisticated concept, story and art are Vanessa Riedmüller, Jana Schimak, Thomas Schmidt and Elja Stawinski. Julia Grömer created the amazing product design.
In this project, I was responsible for Sound Design and Music of the film. The Sound Design was held rather realistic throughout the film. It should emphasize the priorities of the products in the comic panel optic. Some parts of it were intentionally blended with the Music, for example the fire-like noise of the Vendor at the market stall in this “dark reality”-state. The music itself should feel a little bit eerie from the beginning. Something is expected. When the Viewer travels through the coffee mug, the Music changes into a darker and more aggressive score.
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